Jae Hunt grew up with a workaholic father, a well-respected psychiatrist whose work drove him away from his family and the rest of the world. As a child, Jae didn’t understand the multiple days his father spent away from home and the fights between his parents during the late hours of the night.

When his father dies of old age, Jae is left with one responsibility in the will: travel to his Dad’s secluded cabin in the middle of Lakeville, Ohio. There, Jae finds a place unforgiven by time and stacks of boxes containing patient files.

One box, labeled Danny Dobermen, reveals a thirty-year obsession with an eight-year-old boy who committed an act of horror against his own family. Through these journals, Jae may find the key to understanding his father’s obsession with evil or discover that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

      "Revolving Doors" is a collection of short stories dipping in several genres including: horror, supernatural, thriller, and urban fantasy. Ranging from a group of upper class individuals who are invited to a mysterious mansion on a hill top, promised to be given a gift of unimaginable purpose. A escaped convict guilty of killing his family. A nameless bounty hunter on the trail of a other worldly kidnapper. 

       A White-Haired man has come to the city of Chicago, leaving bodies in his wake. Paranormal Investigator Kurt Roberts has encountered ghosts, demons and exorcisms. After tragedy forced him to take a year off from assisting the CPD with paranormal cases, Kurt returns to the field. Not only facing old age and a threat like he's never encountered before; Kurt is forced to work alongside an FBI agent who has something to hide. Desperate to prevent further bloodshed, all while honoring his values and promises.

          When a fatal train crash occurs outside the city limits of Chicago, FBI Agent Angela Nardi turns to Kurt’s years of paranormal expertise. This accident left some alive and some dead, the strange part was the cause of death, drowning. The wreckage scattered on dry land, nowhere near any body of water.

            Kurt, close to his emotional edge, is haunted by pain and impending personal loss, throwing himself into cases like never before. Questions only deepen when clues point to an unassuming youth, who seems to have wisdom surrounding the complications of life and death.  All the answers, locked away somewhere inside of a pocket watch that tells more than time.

      The city of Chicago has a secret that's been itching to claw its way out, beneath the fading street lamps and through the shadowy alleyways are hidden terror's: escaped demons from Hell, angel's trying to uphold the balance some without much regard for fatalities and the occasional vengeful poltergeist.
     This is all old news to FBI Agent Angela Nardi, the outcast and sole member of the Chicago FBI's paranormal division. Nardi always knew that her enhanced strength, the ability to create pure holy energy constructs, and bouncing back from the nastiest of wounds came from those damn tattoos. The very ones she was born with, wings inked on her arms, back ,and ankles.
     When a young boy's parents literally have the life sucked out of them by a biomechanical demon, Angela is thrown into a complex triangle against the demon, the young boy's ill-omened  uncle, and a rogue archangel whose plans could land Nardi smack dab in the middle of a conflict that's gone on since before the Earth itself.